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"L.R.J. Martens aka Dolphins Into The Future presents two 'Eternal Landscapes' inspired by the artwork of Ada Van Hoorenbeke. These landscapes (...) cover similarly tropical aquatic zones as Lievens is best known for. The first expanse is a trip through tropical mangroves soundtracked by chirruping bird calls, trickling polynesian rhythms and a nocturnal chorus of unidentified animalicula, maybe? The other side feels like we're on land, in a humid downpour listening to a novice gamelan orchestra zonked on the heat but compelled to keep playing beautifully out of time. Immersive." (Boomkat)


released December 5, 2011

Recorded June and July 2010 in Antwerp,
and in situ at Wiels - Brussels.

Released by Aguirre records on LP.

These two compositions are based on and inspired by the visual works of Ada Van Hoorebeke. They were part of the installation "Spirits And Landscapes" which ran at the Wiels museum in Brussels and at the Grimmmuseum gallery in Berlin.

Instruments used are cassettes, percussion instruments, flute, synth, special effects.
Reworked for an album release and mastered by the artist.



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Lieven Martens Antwerp, Belgium

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